Welcome from the Head Teacher

It is my great privilege, as Head Teacher, to welcome you to Emmanuel School. We are getting near to celebrating 25 years of the school having been in existence. In that time a lot has changed in the world and that is very true in education, perhaps especially for the independent sector. However, what remains constant is the desire of all those involved at the school to create a God-honouring environment that has Him at the centre and seeks to provide an environment where pupils can thrive academically whilst also looking after their social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being too. This is best summed up in our five key vision statements for our pupils:

  • Love the Lord God with all their heart, soul and strength
  • Love others
  • Eager to learn and fulfil their academic potential
  • Recognise their abilities, gifts and passions and are encouraged to develop them fully
  • Go out and make a positive difference in the communities in which they live, work, worship and play.

Our small numbers gives a family atmosphere and allows our committed, Christian staff team to walk alongside our pupils through their time in the school. There are strong relationships and families are encouraged to join our community rather than just send their children to a school. We provide regular opportunities for parental engagement.

Safeguarding is a priority at Emmanuel School. We provide a safe environment for our pupils through our robust safeguarding practices. This includes our rigorous recruitment process, our training of staff, teaching our pupils how to keep safe and by promoting an environment where pupils feel confident to speak to an adult if they have a problem or concern.

We have high expectations for ALL of our pupils. Over the last seven years, 20% of our Year 11 pupils have gone on to grammar school sixth forms (our Not in Education, Employment or Training figure is consistently 0%). We are also consistently near the top of GCSE league tables for the non-academically selective schools in the borough. Our percentage of pupils reaching the Good Level of Development at the end of reception has increased significantly in the last few years and is now above the local average.

We provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced, promotes fundamental British values and is tailored to the needs and abilities of ALL pupils. Our 20 20 programme in the secondary department offers flexibility and really encourages the pupils to explore and develop their passions and giftings. As we firmly believe that EVERY child deserves the best possible start in life, we offer activities that both enable our pupils to experience a rich curriculum and also increase their cultural capital. Through our curriculum, we ensure that our pupils are prepared for the next stage of their education and employment.

Whilst we believe that it is what occurs within the walls of the building that matters most and has lasting value, we are currently excited to be involved in plans to make significant improvements to our current building in the near future.

I trust that you find the rest of the website helpful and if you have any questions, please do contact us or come and see us. We would love to show you around and explain more about the school.

Jonathan Swain

Head Teacher